Tracking a website's rank is a critical part of SEO. SERPserp provides a powerful, automated tracking solution for you and your clients - free!.

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Rank Tracking from Anywhere

  • SERPserp adapts to any device resolution including iPhones, Android devices, iPads and Tablets.
  • View your website ranking on the go using any device at your deposal.
  • Impress your clients with a beautiful, fully responsive layout.

Accurate Results

  • SERPserp provides accurate results using an average ranking from multiple regions.
  • Track your results using a multitude of search engines including Google and Bing.
  • All results are continuously updated behind the scenes.

Get started in minutes

  • SERPserp is Free
  • Go from registration to your first campaign in minutes
  • Constantly updated set of rich, enabling features.


  • Screenshot of the mobile rank tracking dashboard, with chart and stats
  • Screenshot of the mobile login screen
  • Screenshot of the mobile menu
  • Screenshot of an information popup
  • Screenshot of managing campaigns
  • Screenshot of creating a campaign

Tablet / desktop

  • Screenshot of an desktop dashboard, with chart and stats
  • Screenshot of the desktop Campaign Manager
  • Screenshot of some of the desktop Keyword Manager

1.0 // Initial release Oct 31st 2013

  • New New element
  • Fixed Fixed element
  • Upg. Upgraded element